Mobile Poker Tournaments

Poker is as popular as ever today, and the mobile poker rooms in New Zealand are a great way to enjoy it in our country. You can always play against the house, which has its own rewards, but for many people the most enjoyable moments are in mobile poker tournaments, where players are pitted against each other. This allows you to practice reading the tells of others, and connects you with like-minded enthusiasts in a very sociable way. To learn more about playing tournaments, read on here.

NZ Mobile Poker Tournaments New Zealand

With space no longer an issue, online and mobile poker tournaments can accommodate as little as two players and as many as thousands, playing at different tables. When you play against the house, in what are called Ring or Cash games, you compete for a pot of money, but this is not the case in a tournament. You still bet with chips, but these are only used to determine your final placement and the winner usually takes every chip. Other players are given prizes according to the timing of their elimination. The longer you stayed playing, the bigger your reward.

With  mobile poker apps  in New Zealand and the rest of the world, you can sign on to play in scheduled tournaments that start on a specific date at a specific time, or in sit-and-go tournaments, which simply begin when a certain number of people have signed on. IN either case you will need to pay a buy-in to enter, and will have a certain number of chips to play with. There are many different types of tournaments, so enjoy exploring them all.

Various Mobile Poker Tournaments Available in NZ

The most common tournament in the mobile poker rooms in New Zealand and the rest of the world is the elimination, or freezeout, game. You are given between 800 to 1500 chips to begin with, and play until all your chips are lost. The player who lasts the longest and freezes out or eliminates everyone else is the winner. The starting blinds, or forced bets, are quite low but as the number of players decreases and the amount of chips remains the same the wagers increase rapidly. Prize money is divided on a sliding scale at the end of the game, usually among the first tem players.

In a re-buy tournament, you have the opportunity to buy back any chips that you lose within a specified time frame. This is normally the first hour of play, so the playing and betting at this time is quite frenzied! This is a high-risk, high-reward way to play poker, and will leave you quite breathless.

In qualifier, or satellite, tournaments, the prize you are competing for is a ticket to a bigger tournament, and there is often prize money for lower-placed competitors as well. Sometimes you will need to get through several of these games to gain a seat at a major event, which really keeps you on your toes.

Lastly, freeroll tournaments have no entry fee although sometimes players need a specific number of loyalty points in order to qualify. The games are risk-free and provide essential practice, but remember that most of your opponents will be quite low-ranking. Use this space to refine your strategy and try out things before introducing new tactics into other mobile poker tournaments.

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If we have wet your appetite for mobile poker tournaments, start investigating them now! The mobile New Zealand mobile poker sites we review are the perfect place to start for real money play.