Live Dealer Poker

The mobile poker rooms reviewed here all offer their New Zealand audience world-class experiences, and they are always improving and evolving along with their players.There more options available today than there have ever been before, with better functionality and more thrilling rewards.

The next obvious step, for many enthusiasts, is live dealer poker where the easy interfaces typical of mobile poker sites in New Zealand is merged with the thrilling action of a live dealer. The result is a very authentic game that is completely mesmerising and highly recommended. To learn more about this new level of mobile poker sites, read our guidelines here.

Comparing Standard Mobile and Live Dealer Poker NZ

Both game formats are played in basically the same way, so you can transfer the shills learned in other mobile New Zealand poker rooms to the games plated with a live dealer. This makes it easier to get used to the differences you’ll experience in the broadcast version. Your dealer must qualify with a pair of fours or higher, and you normally have between ten and thirty seconds to make each play once the games get started. If you take longer you are deemed inactive and forfeit your hand.

The main practical difference is that your cards are shuffled and dealt out by an actual person rather than with Random Number Generation, which not only makes things more authentic, it also means the house and players find it even more difficult to cheat.

Another noticeable difference between other mobile New Zealand poker rooms and live dealer mobile rooms is how much longer it takes to complete a round in the latter. Having real croupiers to collect, shuffle and deal can make rate of play up to three times slower, which can take some getting used to. If you want to visit multiple tables, it might be best to forgo live games.

Deciding which NZ Poker Sites to Visit

The technology for live games is still quite new, so there are simply not as many game varieties available as when you are playing in other mobile poker sites in New Zealand or anywhere else around the world. The dominant format right now is Texas Hold’em, so if you are looking for other versions it might be better to hold off on live dealer games for the time being. Live dealer poker is able to offer a multi-player mode of up to nine players, and this interaction is highly sociable and enjoyable. Consider what you most want from your game as you make your choice.

If you do decide to play with a live croupier, make sure that your chosen mobile NZD mobile poker site has top-quality streaming video so that you can see your cards as clearly as possible. Most of our reviewed sites actually use oversized cards for easy viewing. These should be shuffled in view of all players in the interests of fairness – if a site does not insist on this, be very careful!

Try Live Dealer Poker New Zealand

If you are ready to try the thrills of playing with a live croupier in mobile New Zealand poker rooms, you’ve come to the right place! Check out our comprehensive reviews, decide where to visit and buy in to a game or two today.